Motta Impianti is able to do the engineering, draw up and editing of technical documents (like drawings, specifications, electrical schemes, various forms) for different kind of plants, electric and pneumatic, both the process type and the power type.

Particularly, the engineering services we offer are:

  • The analysis of the specific requests from our Client (P&ID, layout, etc.);
  • The engineering and draw of a project of the plant;
  • The engineering of the electrical schemes for the plant and the electric board;
  • The definition of the electrical interconnections with the existing plant;
  • Layout of the plant;
  • P&ID;
  • Logic diagram;
  • Hook-up schemes, primary and secondary;
  • Different kinds of electrical connections;
  • Cable list;
  • Positioning of the junction boxes, the local panels, and the tracing of the cables’ routes and paths;
  • Technical support on side and on the field during the different phases of the project;
  • As-built elaboration;
  • Participation to inspections and tests both as the items are still being built and when they are already finished;
  • Instrumentation list.

draw of a project of the plant