Industrial Electrical System and Panel

Motta Impianti realizes electrical industrial plants and installation both of the “traditional” kind and explosion-proof.

The service we offer focuses both on the building of the plants (cable trays, support channels, system for the protection against atmospheric charges or lightings, etc.) and the command and control part.

Motta Impianti realize:

  • Watertight plants and electrical systems;
  • Plants and system for the distribution, command and signaling;
  • Plants of command and control of engines and pumps;
  • Plants and system IECEx/ATEX;
  • Explosion proof control panels (Ex-d)
  • Distribution plants and systems for buildings of the industry and service sector;
  • Plants and systems for the automation, measurement, control and data registration.

The company is able to realize peculiar applications such as:

  • Tracing of piping with heating cable (for electrical applications) and using tubing of different kinds (for hot water or steam);
  • Plants built using pyrotenax cable;
  • Installation of certified cable transit;
  • Plants of protection against atmospheric charges, lightings, excess voltage;
  • Movable and fixed structures, scaffolding dedicated to the specific needs of the plant;
  • Electro-instrumental panels cables and assembled totally electronically of with process/power pneumatic;
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic panels and plants;
  • Plants built using cables with mineral insulation.

Our experience allows us to realize special and out-of-standard items and Electro-instrumental system customized according to the customer’s needs and the kind of environment or industrial sector, also with IECEx/ATEX certified components.

We realize and install Electro-instrumental system in Italy and abroad, in accordance with the laws of the country of destination.

Some photos of our Industrial electrical systems and panels: