Process Automation System and Panel

MOTTA Impianti, starting from the analysis of specific technics and project’s P&Is, can realize electric and instrumental Hook-ups, BOM for the realization and planimetry for cable tracing, schemes for junction boxes, cable lists, electrical schemes for power and automation systems.

Particularly, MOTTA Impianti:

  • Realize electrical schemes for plants with PLC and supervision systems with a high degree of complexity and redundant systems;
  • MCC – Motor control center;
  • Local panel;
  • Control Philosophy;
  • Loop Diagram;
  • I/O List;
  • Software for the control and management of the plant;
  • Instrumentation List;
  • Operator’s manual for PLC and operator panels;
  • Calibration of process instrumentation;
  • Building and prefabrication of electro-instrumental panels for measurement and control.

Our experience allows us to realize special and out-of-standard items and Electro-instrumental system customized according to the customer’s needs and the kind of environment or industrial sector, also with IECEx/ATEX certified components.

We realize and install Electro-instrumental system in Italy and abroad, in accordance with the laws of the country of destination.

Some photos of our Process automation systems and panels: