Electro-instrumental System for Skids and Package Units

Motta Impianti is specialized in the design, engineering and building of Skids and Package units.

Our society realize electric and pneumatic connections for the process instrumentation of various kinds installed on the plant. We use support channels, cable trays and conduit tubing, both threaded and non-threaded, certified components, armored cables, heating cables and cables with mineral insulation.

Motta Impianti also realize the process and instrumental connections using tubing of all kinds and its compression fittings. These assemblies are done in observance of the Hook-ups and always respecting the physical principles that characterize the physical quantity to be measured (presence of gases, liquids, steam, condensation, pressure or vacuum, etc.).

Here are some kinds of services and plants we can offer:

  • Building of distribution circuits for compressed air;
  • Building of watertight junction boxes, IECEx/ATEX and their frames;
  • Insertion of process instrumentation on piping;
  • Tracing of piping with heating cable;
  • Special realizations for low temperatures in specific plants, junction boxes for electro-mechanical equipment and process instrumentation. The heating cable is used normally with its accessories;
  • Execution with heating cables of anti-freeze systems and maintenance of the temperature on tanks and piping;
  • Realization of the electrical plant with:
    • Cable tray and armored or non-armored cables;
    • Tubing for cables, both flexible or non-flexible, also PVC coated as per UL requirements;
  • Building of electro-instrumental panels;
  • Specific project analysis and P&ID to find electric and instrumental Hook-ups, BOM for the realization and planimetry for cable tracing, schemes for junction boxes, cable lists, power and automation electrical schemes;
  • Calibration of process instrumentation.

Motta Impianti can offer the engineering and design for the automation of the electro-instrumental and process plant for Skid/Package for:

  • Water treatment plants;
  • Gas treatment and drying plants;
  • Industrial dosing plants;
  • Compressed air plant;
  • Process pump plants (in triplex, quintuplex and septuplex execution, dosing pumps, injection, spraying, filling and alimentation systems, etc.)
  • Plants for the production department of chemical companies.

Our experience allows us to realize special and out-of-standard items and Electro-instrumental system customized according to the customer’s needs and the kind of environment or industrial sector, also with IECEx/ATEX certified components.

We realize and install Electro-instrumental system in Italy and abroad, in accordance with the laws of the country of destination.

Some photos of our Electro-instrumental systems for Skids and Package units